Church Life

Worship Schedule 

Sunday Morning Worship at 9:30am.  Sunday School Follows at 10:45.


We will be implementing the following safety measures, every week and anytime people are in the building until otherwise announced.  We believe that these are currently the best ways to show Christ’s love towards one another so that we can safely worship together. 

-If you or anyone else in your household are sick or have had significant contact with somebody with COVID, PLEASE DO NOT COME TO CHURCH.  We are not saying you are unwelcome, we just want to be responsible towards one another in preventing the spread of Coronavirus.

-Air purifiers have been put into the sanctuary, public areas, and classrooms, which will cycle and purify the air every 30 minutes.

-There will be no greeting time.  Please refrain from shaking hands or hugging; since we do not know who is comfortable or uncomfortable with this, it is kinder simply to not put anyone in a tough position.

-Hand sanitizer stations will be widely available. Use frequently.

-If you come to church Sunday morning and then test positive for COVID later on in the week, please let one of the pastors know.  We will discreetly communicate this to your Sunday School class or those who sat in a nearby pew that day (without saying specific names).  This is not meant to shame anyone.  We want to be responsible to limit the spread of COVID through the church and are trying the best we can to protect the health and safety of everyone who attends.

Oak Grove Mennonite Church1525 Mennonite Church Rd

West Liberty, OH 43357

Phone: (937) 465-4749



Alex Dye, Pastor

Andy Stoner, Community Life Pastor

Handicap Accessible Facilities

Founded: 1875

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