Summer Bible School

 A ministry / mission of our church has always been Summer Vacation Bible School, and everyone can be involved.

Join us July 15-20 for,  “Shipwrecked” Rescued by Jesus

Please print the form in the link below, complete it and sent it to 1525 Mennonite Church Rd., West Liberty, Ohio 43357 or scan and email it to   

2018 Bible School Registration Form

4 Responses to Summer Bible School

  1. Kathy Detwiler says:

    can I sign Delaney up for Bible school on line?

    • Melanie Park says:

      Hi Kathy. I am working on getting a form on the website so it can be printed and mailed to the church, but I haven’t figured out how to do an online sign up! I am glad to take the info over email at and fill out a form for you once you see what needs to be filled out and you or Senina can sign it when you bring her. Is that ok?

  2. Crystal Burgel says:

    Our 2 littlest would like to come. Can we print the form, fill it out and bring it with us on the 1st night since it is too late to mail it?

    • Melanie Park says:

      I am so sorry I am just now seeing this! I think I saw them there so I do hope that you did what you asked if you could do. Again, I am sorry I wasn’t watching more closely here. We get so few messages to this site that I have not always frequently looked. I hope they’re having a blast 🙂

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